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HispaniaGIS dataset v1.0-English

Hi everyone, I would like to share with all of you what I’ve called HispaniaGIS dataset. This it’s only a gathering of differents types of data spread around the web and suited to roman Hispania. For this I had to take sections of these data and adjust to the needs of the project. This is only the final work of another project that I made some months ago, an Atlas about Hispania, but now I’ve decided modify and add some info, suit it and share with the community. The list of sources used can be found below.

Now I leave with a video where I explain the details of the project. I hope you found useful and interesting.

Thanks for coming and share!

HispaniaGIS Dataset v.1.0

Conjunto de datos  geográficos de la Hispania romana preparados para QGIS.